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OJS tutorials [in Czech]

Logic 101 [in Czech]


Logos: Society for Cognitive Science and Philosophy, Cognition and Artificial Life 2016, Workshops: A Technique of Philosophy, Redrum crew, Czech Drumandbass Awards, Vision night, YoungBlood music compilation

Posters (flyers, banners and misc.): various flyers for Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University), Society for Cognitive Science and Philosophy, Kocovna divadelni filosoficka spolecnost, Vision night posters, Czech Drumandbass Awards diplomas and posters

Recent work:

Websites (older designs): Pro-Fil journal, Theatralia journal, Redrum crew, Kocovna divadelni filosoficka spolecnost

Past activities

Contributor to (2003–2013): Rave.cz, Redrumcrew.cz, Drumandbass.cz, Breakbeat.co.uk, Brnoinfo.cz, Metropolis Brno, Yellow magazine, Breakzine, Games.cz, Theblacklight.cz, Fledazine, Break4Beats minimag, Raverecords.cz

PR, copywriting: Fleda music club (2006–2013), Break4Beats Open Air 2008 festival, New New! 2009 festival, Creamfields Central Europe 2008 festival, Semtex Culture 2007 festival, Hrachovka 2007 festival, Brno Majales 2007, Dephrecords & DPH:LTD

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